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a Grey A.M you'll never get to see.

let the world know what a wonderfull person you'll never get to meet.

Sincerly , Me.
27 January
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i play drums and im in a band.

Me. [ drummer ] splotchkid06
david. [ bass ] leftmeheartless
dale. [ vocals ] islitmythroat
trameil. [ lead guitar ]


Pictures don't speak, and so it was said.
So break this frame and let the glass drip down your face.
All I can do is look, don't touch, so open your mouth and let your words pour free like mine.
Teach me your music.
Show me how to break your wrists on the grounds of a girl breaking your heart.
Does this make sense? But it works better.
make your face shine through these shades of black and white and make your
words lift off the page and scream.
I will clailm this day all my own, no one else, all my own selfish needs.

" Do G's get to go to heaven , Cause i dont wanna die.. "

maybe love will find us again
for there is always tomorrow
sincerely 'til the end